Famous people with dyslexia

Famous people with learning disabilities as great examples

It’s a pity we are not more aware of the strengths of dyslexia. Consider the lists of famous dyslexics hereunder. Those famous people are great examples. Their stories can improve self-esteem, belief in one-self, and pride. They can motivate everyone with a learning disability.

"Setting an example is not the main means of influencing another; it is the only means" – Albert Einstein.

To name a few: scientists like Albert Einstein, inventors like Thomas Edison, business people like Richard Branson, statesmen like Winston Churchill and John Kennedy, military leaders like George Patton, sports heroes like Jacky Stewart, musicians like John Lennon, actors like Anthony Hopkins, authors like Agatha Christie, designers like Walt Disney, etc.). We see a list of people who did use their dyslexic advantages and became very successful in their field. Why not use them as inspiring models: they are a living proof that dyslexia doesn’t need to be a disadvantage, but on the contrary can become even a strong advantage.

These famous dyslexics proof that nurturing the dyslexic capabilities contributes to their own potential and happiness. In fact, they even contribute to a better world by using their abilities: Albert Einstein used his imagination to come up with relativity theory; Thomas Edison used his to invent; Walt Disney to entertain us; Winston Churchill to rally the British against Nazi Germany; Richard Branson and other entrepreneurs to create better products and services whilst creating employment in the process.

"I think that kids and adults need role models, we need to see people who have overcome struggles" - Melissa Stotts, vice president of the dsylexia association's Southwest branch.

Here you find examples and quotes of some of those successful people who had dyslexia or had related learning problems. They are organized by activity.