The Gift of Dyslexia

The Ronald Davis program brings understanding in why and how people have different ways of thinking and learning? The Davis Program removes the obstacles that prevents a person’s natural ability to learn, and uses their personal strengths as tools to learn.

The basic of the R. Davis program is not a matter of teaching a child how to learn, but to remove the obstacles which prevent a person’s natural ability to learn. So, they are able to take control of their learning process and will learn quickly and thoroughly, and enjoy doing so.

In addition to the basic of the R. Davis program, there are other Davis methods for conditions such as ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), ADHD (hyperactivity), Dysgraphia (handwriting) and Dyscalculia (maths).

The program has two main activities: orientation/disorientation (your mind’s eye) and symbol mastery

Disorientation is caused by different stimuli. One of the biggest stimuli for dyslexics to disorientate are spoken and written words. Why words? As we think in pictures instead of words, we become disoriented when we have no mental picture of the definition of a word. When reading, writing, or listening, there is almost a continuous state of disorientation; caused by some 200 trigger words. Those "trigger words" are the small common words such as: and, the, a, an, there, those, etc... These little words are used all the time, of which we have no mental picture and therefore constantly causes disorientation. More about disorientation.

Symbol mastery is making a three-dimensional picture (the definition), with clay, of words. Therefore, we have a picture of its definition, how it's symbolized (which letters and in what order), and how it sounds. More about "Symbol Mastery".

It's based on mastery, which means that the child will fully understand a particular idea or concept before it moves on, whether it is an aspect of reading, math, or any other area of study. Once mastered, there is no need for repetition or drill.

Some aspects and benefits of the Ronald Davis program

Dyslectic myself, I personally choose the R. Davis Program because of following aspects.

  • Very positive attitude towards dyslexia, he calls it a gift.
  • Dyslexics have abilities that other people don’t have.
  • Use our strong assets to alleviate our disadvantages.
  • It goes beyond the reading and spelling symptoms.
  • He himself is dyslexic. He knows how it feels and how it experiences.
  • No drill or repeat.
  • The program is no real school stuff, like spelling and grammar, which causses only frustration.
  • The program treats the stimulus that causes the symptoms of dyslexia.
  • The program takes just a week.
  • As a result, you receive a tool to handle and/or to prevent the disadvantages of dyslexia.

Additional benefits (I got) you get from the program

  • You learn to know yourself better.
  • Boost your self-esteem.
  • You get an understand on how you function, and why.
  • You get to know your strengths.
  • You experience immediate results and they happen to stay. However, it takes a bit of exercise to use those tools; it must become a habit an automatic switch.

You want to understand why and how people have different ways of thinking and learning?  Or if you want to know more about the R. Davis program, or implement it yourself? Then the book "The Gift of Dyslexia" is a great source.

Useful tips to implement the Ronald Davis program yourself

If you want to implement them yourself then the second book "The Gift of Learning" would be of some additional help. Because, your success depends on a lot of factors, including the kind of working relationship you have with the person and his motivation. There is a section on motivation in the book “The Gift of Learning”.

My experiences with the Ronald Davis program

Thanks to the program, I’m aware when I’m disoriented and I can recognize the stimulus. Furthermore, I‘m equipped to do something about it. When you need to be creative you just go with the flow you just do your thing, but when you have to write or read you need to be orientated, it’s up to you to make the switch.

Before I followed the program, I had no idea in which state I was; If I was orientated or disorientated. As an example: while listening, I did hear sounds, and only afterwards I noticed I had listened but really didn't receive much. Now I make sure I’m orientated from the beginning and notice quicker when I don’t receive much (when I disorientate) and can take myself back again (orientated).

In the past I always had trouble with the alphabet. Since I symbol master the alphabet I can order it very well, even backwards.

I also experience less disorientation while reading since I symbol mastered the trigger words.

More on implementing the Davis program

On the following links you find tips about disorientation and symbol mastery, especially useful for people who followed the Davis program. These are tips I used and I hope they will help you too....