Orientation tips

Being orientated is the most important thing. When you are not orientated, it doesn’t work the old symptoms are back. The ability to orientate or not must become a habit, an automatic switch.

What follows are small tips which, I used especially in the beginning, to help me by my orientation:

It’s good to start your day by going to your orientation point. To remember this, you can post a message "orientation point" on whatever you use first in the morning e.g. the alarm clock, the mirror in the bathroom.· Post the message on different locations, there where you need to be orientated, a few examples: on the phone, on the computer, homework or a bookmark etc.

Having a software calendar on your computer. Make an appointment that contains the message. You decide yourself when and how many times a day the appointment pops up.

Be careful when somebody helps you to remember to be orientated. This can become very annoying for the dyslexic.

The Davis Orientation Counseling Video

This video supplements the information on the section orientation described in the book "The Gift of Dyslexia". R. Davis explains and demonstrates how to help dyslexic students find their "Orientation Point" and eliminate perceptual distortions. This video will guide you through the various aspects of the program.

You can buy the "The Davis Orientation Counseling Video" online at the Davis Dyslexia Association for $39.95.