The symbol mastery activity

The symbol mastery technique, of R. Davis, is a visual-spatial learning process that improves anyone's basic literacy skills.
The activity will help young and older, with or without a learning disability and it's fun, even for young children.


  • Focus attention.
  • Improve eye-hand coordination.
  • Learn the alphabet.
  • Learn basic punctuation.
  • Develop and strengthen pre-reading and basic reading skills.
  • Prevent the potential of a learning problem.
  • Improve sight word recognition and comprehension.
  • Establish lifelong "how to learn" skills.
  • A helpful tool for all learning.
  • Learning without drill or repetition.
  • Learning at your own pace. 
  • Introducing reading to children age 4:
    • To the reading concepts,
    • To provide a beginning reading vocabulary.
    • It gives children an understanding of the meanings of connective words, and their logical relation to other words in the sentence. This increases comprehension skills.
    • It provides an important bridge between reading methods based on phonics instruction.
    • And those based on a broad exposure to children's literature.


Adaptable for all ages and reading level

  • Several persons can work with clay at the same time, on very different levels. As an example:
    • A 4-year-old might be learning to roll and shape the clay, and starting on the first letters of the alphabet.
    • A 7-year-old can be working through the word list contained in the Symbol Mastery manual.
    • A 10-year-old could use the same techniques to master new terms encountered in reading a science book.

Self-paced and individualized

  • The child can work at his own speed and according to his own comfort level. There are no worksheets to complete or written tests.
  • It's based on mastery, which means that the child will fully understand a particular idea or concept before it moves on, whether it is an aspect of reading, math, or any other area of study.
  • Once mastered, there is no need for repetition or drill.

Compatible with all methods and approaches

  • The symbol mastery fits in with whatever education approach is followed.

Who will benefit?

  • All age, form age 4 and up (adults) with or without learning disabilities.
  • Beginning readers.
  • Kids in the kindergarten.
  • Young children and pre-readers in general.
  • For after school activities and enrichment.
  • Home tutoring and homeschooling.

Tips on "How to Symbol Master"